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Planning on Joining Us for 2017 Ceramic Showcase? Please Read This!

Thu, September 08, 2016 8:30 AM | Andy Clift (Administrator)

There are essential Showcase jobs that need to be filled if we are to present 2017 Ceramic Showcase. The Showcase Steering Committee voted August 9 to guarantee a place in Showcase to any point-position Showcase or OPA Chair, Co-Chair, or Trainee for this coming year only.

What does this mean? If you are a longtime OPA member with a pile of points and no current job, your position at booth picking is secure, although we encourage you to again bring your skills and take an active role in producing our great show. If you have 15 or fewer points, and have not taken a position of responsibility, you may find that a new member who has assumed a significant position as Chair, Co-Chair, or Trainee may move ahead of you and into the show.

We are hoping that even though we are moving from 40,000 to 30,000 square feet, there will be a booth for all who wish to participate. Please contact Georgine Longfellow (potsbygeorge@yahoo.com) to learn about available positions. And remember, you don't need to be Portland-centric for many of these positions. There are jobs for out-of-towners as well!

Dawn Panttaja and Ginger Steele, Showcase Co-Chairs 2017

Ceramic Showcase has 2017 Chair positions available!

We are creating new energy with newer participants volunteering to Chair many Chair openings! Add your energy to the 2017 Show!

Please email your interest or questions to: Committee Placement Chair Georgine Longfellow potsbygeorge@yahoo.com Or you can contact Ceramic Showcase Co-Chairs Dawn Panttaja lostdolls@hotmail.com or Ginger Steele gingersteele@insomniapottery.com with any questions.

Kiosk Display Chair ...help collect kiosks from storage, install information from Graphics Chair and physically set up Kiosks. Break down and return to storage. Contact previous Chair Michael Simmons with questions.

Gallery Physical Set Up Chair... Construction skills helpful. Coordinate transportation of Gallery pedestals, walls and lightening from storage to Show. Lead team of participants to build, repair, paint and set up Gallery. Coordinate with other Chairs for return of Gallery to storage unit Sunday night. Contact past Chair Alan Higinbotham with any questions. (This position is being redesigned)

Graphics Coordinator... Computer and graphics experience, including competence in Photo Shop and at least one design program, and the ability to generate high resolution transportable files for printing. Design and provide files for printing the Information Kiosk. Archive graphics files, print ready tif images, and sponsor logos.

Truck Driver Trainee... Must have a valid driver’s license. Capable of heavy lifting.
Rent and drive the truck for transporting pedestals, shelving, etc. to and from OCC to the Showcase storage space or other locations as needed. Schedule trips with committee chairs for the timing and transport of their items. Work with Muscle crew for loading and unloading of the truck.
Send applications as soon as possible, jobs should be appointed by September 15
th, 2016.

Thank you! Georgine Longfellow

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