Keep Portland Wared: Pottery in the Northwest

Oregon Potters Association is a community of talented individuals who display a vast aesthetic in clay, glaze, forming and firing methods- traditional original and experimental.

Portland has long been a magnet for creative clay work.  OPA's mission is the inclusion of all who possess a passion for the ceramic process, a love of the handmade object, and a wish to share their work through exhibitions    With over 300 members -- amateurs and professionals alike -- we've coalesced from different regions and varied educational backgrounds to build a national identity around mutual encouragement of the imagination and appreciation of the resulting art and craft.

This curated exhibit of clay-works from OPA members residing in Oregon and Southwest Washington displays a rich variety of traditional as well as contemporary functional and sculptural ceramics.

Located at Skutt Ceramics, 6441 SE Johnson Creek Blvd, Portland OR 97206

March 21-25, Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-5:30pm

Opening reception Friday, March 24, 5-7pm

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  • Dawn Panttaja
  • Ken Pincus
  • Ana Quinn
  • Jan Rentenaar
  • Susan Roden
  • Richard Roth
  • Steve Sanchez
  • Jared Jaffe
  • Denise Krueger
  • Angela Niewert
  • Deb Shapiro
  • Suzette Shrider
  • Don Sprague
  • Adrienne Stacey
  • Kathleen Stephenson
  • Sara Swink
  • Carolyn Thompson-Rizer
  • Lynn Townson
  • Meg Turner
  • Samuel Turner
  • Teresa Vaughan
  • Sandy Visse
  • Jacquie Walton
  • Emily Wickham
  • Linda Workman-Morelli
  • Sol Zimmerdahl
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