Repositioning our organization to achieve our long-term goals

Wed, June 13, 2018 4:30 PM | Anonymous

By Becky Clark

When we first started our strategic planning in 2017, we thought about how to move forward and two themes came to mind – Relevancy and Perception. We asked ourselves:

  • As a non-profit that works towards educating, inspiring, and transforming lives of our members – are we doing all that we can to fulfill our mission?  
  • Is OPA evolving with the needs of today’s ceramic artists?  
  • Are we relevant?  
  • What are ceramic artists looking for when they consider joining OPA? 
  • What is the public perception of OPA, and is the perception good, bad, or even true?

As we move toward the future, we are thoughtfully considering answers to these questions. We have our sights set on a clay center that will provide learning and teaching opportunities for all generations. It will promote our members’ work through exhibitions and sales, and provide affordable studio space for working artists.

To accomplish this dream, we are focusing on our members and member benefits. We are addressing relevancy head on by determining the needs of today’s artists and members. We are addressing perception by narrowing our focus on demonstrating and communicating the value of our organization.

We have to clearly communicate our mission and vision to everyone. We have to engage and empower our members to take an active role, not just in Ceramic Showcase, but also in OPA. And we have to shift our perception by changing the way we behave as well as how we’re seen. We are taking a first step by creating a new visual identity and branding system that speaks with one unified voice and vision. It will ensure that the perception of OPA is this: we are relevant, and we are an important part of the arts ecosystem in our community. Take a look at our first round of branding design – [link to PDF]

Our Vision Statement:

Leaving Our Mark

Every maker leaves a mark, an impression made by the creative process, that reflects our spirit and our humanity. Our clay community also leaves a mark – not just on our work – but on each person we connect with, for the rest of their lives. Whether they are artists or art lovers, teachers or students, we welcome all generations to discover and express their creativity through clay. By feeding their curiosity, inspiring their artistic growth and empowering them to live creative lives, we help each person flourish throughout their ceramic journey. Our legacy is to leave a lasting impression – in our classrooms, studios, galleries, neighborhoods and the clay community at large.

Please join us on this journey and ask OPA leadership how you can help us achieve our dream!


  • Thu, June 14, 2018 10:41 AM | Anonymous
    Thank you all, especially Becky, for all the thoughtful work to make OPA more relevant and responsive to the community. I apologize for not helping more, but I support your hard work and direction.
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  • Thu, June 14, 2018 10:52 AM | Meg Turner
    Thank you to all who've begun this thoughtful process. Personally I prefer A or B (especially B) over the other two. It is a clean simple logo that will be easy to brand, easy for customers to remember, and honoring of the firing process that binds all potters together regardless of their medium or style.
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  • Thu, June 14, 2018 12:09 PM | Connie Cheifetz (Administrator)
    Great opening letter Becky! Thanks Sharon for your work on this. It's an exciting time to be a part of OPA!
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  • Fri, June 15, 2018 9:39 AM | Deborah Moen
    Good job everyone for all your hard work! Looking in as if I were the community, I personally prefer A, it gives a feeling of ownership and that we are open to outside our boundary parameters. One logo makes me think of records with those old 45's inserts. Another looks like we are canvas painters instead of clay. The other I see Tee-Pee's of our native american Indians and their arts. Color of choice would be the dark bold burgundys. Pastels and lighter colors feels weak, sun drenched, or faded and weathered. This was a hard choice, but the best decisions are always the hardest.
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  • Fri, June 15, 2018 11:48 AM | Chris McClelland
    This is exciting. Thanks to all who have worked so hard to get us to this point. Becky, your vision to forge ahead and get us to where we do have a place of our own is fabulous. Thank you Sharon, for a professional presentation and designs. I see this as a revitalizing move for OPA to relevancy in our community.

    As for designs, C looks like an ink spot and D doesn’t cut it. I like the concept in A but the circle does not really say anything about what we do. The same with B. Maybe a pot with a lid? Outline? I do like the idea of the flame, inside a pot? The flame itself needs a little more defining to look more like a flame.

    We’ve got a great start!
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  • Sun, June 17, 2018 9:28 AM | Pamela Yocum
    Great start to the rebranding and position of OPA! With regard to the logos, I feel A or B better captures the feeling you are striving for, with my preference being B, but definitly stick with the darker “clay” colors of browns and burgandy reds over pastels as they will withstand the test of time better. Pastels come and go with changing trends. C and D do not say clay to me. A brush work font might work somewhere, but it could easily be misconstrued as a logo for flat art. I think the fire logo says clay, as would a bowl, or bowl and fire. Wish I could have been at the presentation—obviously a lot of good thought and hard work has gone into this!
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