Membership in the OPA comes with a few perks besides being surrounded by other talented artists. 

Member Benefits

As an OPA member, here are some benefits:

  • General Meetings with clay related presentations, and sharing a meal together. Upcoming General Meetings,  Board Meetings
  • The ability to apply and participate in one of the nations best ceramic shows, Ceramic Showcase: More Info
  • You will receive news emails on the 1st & 3rd Friday of each month and 2 news e-magazines each year.
  • You will be listed in the online OPA Member Directories.
  • Access to the OPA Membership forums
  • Free and Discounted Hands-on Workshops by members and Visiting Artist Workshops
  • Studio Tours
  • The ability to apply and participate in the OPA Holiday Studio Sale Guide
  • Discounts from Clay Art, Georgies, and many more businesses. (listed below) 

The businesses listed below have a discount waiting for OPA members when you visit and present your current OPA-ID card. Members can log into the member area and print their card for the current year or download the Wild Apricot App to present your membership card digitally. We thank the following establishments for their kind treatment of OPA members:

Business Name Discount offered to OPA Members 
Georgies Ceramic & Clay Co. Ton rate on Georgie's Clay (minimum 100# of same kind of clay). Ton rate on materials when purchased in 50# bags (some are 55#) when a ton rate is available (ie: if they purchase 50# of EPK, they automatically receive the ton rate) Also receive discounts on many other products such as Mayco (25%), Kemper (20%) , and Georgie glazes (20%).
Clay Art Center Moist clay, ton rate w/ 25# purchase
Kemper Tools    20%
other products discount w/quantity purchase, ie. Amaco glazes, Kiln Shelves and brushes.
Carton Services 10% off surplus packing items, 5% off new items

Contact us

Mail us: 4614 SE Salmon St., Portland OR 97215

Mission Statement

Educating, inspiring, and transforming lives through clay.  

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