Olson 50 Kiln for sale

Thu, January 31, 2019 1:52 PM | Anonymous

SALE PRICE    $ 4900

(This kiln kit new is approximately $13,600 -- not including freight costs and the gazillion hours that I spent building it)

  • external dimensions 6' x 5' x 6½'.    Welded one-piece steel frame. Very sturdy cart, hinges, and latches. 
  • approximately 50 cubic feet of stacking area using six 12" x 24" shelves, three shelves abreast and two shelves deep.
  • natural gas or propane.15 burners, safety kit, 3 gauges for 3 burner manifolds. orifices sized for propane. 
  • fires evenly to cone 10 oxidation or reduction.  1,050,000 BTU
  • kiln kit has a cart floor running on two removable tracks.
  • natural gas 1150 cubic ft /hour //  Propane 420 cubic foot /hr
  • frame & burners 150 pounds //  bricks approx. 4000 pounds
  • Sprung-Arch form included 
  • Twin dampers are kiln shelves sliding on a steel track on top of kiln

Shelves: Sold separately -- Large assortment Advancer, Silicon Carbide, and mullite :  most 12 x 18                    and some larger.  Prices negotiable. 

Furniture: Assorted Bricks, Soaps, half bricks, and shelf pieces for furniture enable Saturday stacking for
a variety of pot sizes and configurations.  Prices negotiable. 

Pyrometer: Provides basic atmosphere information that aids efficient reduction timing.                               Free with kiln! Yes, it works.


                            More pictures and information available upon request.
Mark Heimann 

  Lost Mountain Clayworks    Estacada    Email

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