There are many meetings throughout the year. Attending OPA meetings are a great way to get involved in OPA events and activities we put on each year. 

General Meetings

There are six general meetings per year. January, May, July, and November. General meetings are followed by a clay related presentation. The September meeting occurs at our annual picnic. The March meeting includes a large potluck followed by booth selection for our annual show. 

General Meetings are at Multnomah Art Center And Taborspace.

    Special Presentations

    The last 3 years of presentations at the OPA General Meetings have been exciting.  While the March meeting is always a pot-luck dinner and Booth Choosing for Showcase, and the September meeting is always our annual Picnic, the other four annual meetings are an opportunity to hear a great talk, watch a slide show, or be introduced to new people and techniques through demo’s and lectures.

    2021 Presentations:

    General Members Meeting Friday January 15th, 2021

    Cuban Art Culture, and Why We Do What We Do

    In April/May 2019, OPA member Laurie Childers returned to Cuba for her 5th trip to make ceramic art with other Cuban artists.  With her professional art video journalist friend William Capote from Havana, they created a video called “Aleluya Cuba (work work work).”  She had a theory about why the Cuban art experience is so extraordinary, and wanted to explore it.  
    She interviewed artists asking why they make art, what does it feel like when they are making art, and what is the role of art in Cuban culture.  You’ll hear some diverse and thoughtful responses.  (With subtitles, the film is fully bilingual.)

    We watched the <13 minute video as a group, and then had a conversation ourselves about why we make art, what it feels like when we do, and what role art plays in our culture.  This was a participatory event.  We used breakout rooms so that small groups could explore each question in more depth, and then shared some favorite answers with the whole group. If possible, you'll appreciate watching the video, to stimulate being able to articulate your own inner experience.  Enough ideas are expressed that many have wanted to see it more than once.  Go to:

    2020 Presentation:

    General Members Meeting Friday January 10th, 2020

    Presenter: Joe Robinson of East Creek Art 

    If you missed our most recent General Members meeting on Friday January 10th, 2020 and would like to learn about the East Creek, Anagama, Wood Firing opportunity in April, take a listen and look at the linked audio and slides below. Thank you Joe!

    Joe.Robinson.1.10.20.m4a - Audio of Presentation

    East Creek Presentation 1.10.20 - Slide Show

    Past Presentations

    In 2014:

    • The Hokkaido Group shared their exciting trip and exhibition
    • A hands-on workshop of Printing on Clay
    • A talk by our best-of-show new member Sol Zimmerdahl
    • The panel of 4 speakers on Texture and Surface Decoration 


    • Natalie Warrens presented a demo on Low-fire Bright-color Underglazes
    • Kris Paul gave a talk on Naked Raku
    • A Wheel Throwing Demo by best-of-Showcase winner T. Duong
    • A panel of 3 talked about Making Complex Pots


    • We started the year with a hands-on workshop Painting Clay Tiles led by Jan Edwards
    • Dylan Beck, from OCAC, introduced us to 3-D Printing with Clay
    • Washington artist Elinor Maroney gave a slide show about her Year in Nicaragua with Indigenous Potters.

    Board and Coordinators Meeting

    Ceramic Showcase Committee Meetings


    • No upcoming events


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