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Aubrey Sloan, artist and new momma. In my clay practice, my business Vibrant Pottery, I created functional, handcarved, cone 6 pieces. I also work in collaboration with my partner Joe Robinson, and create large handcarved, thrown, and wood-fired pieces. I live at East Creek Art, and help plan and run firings and programming. I value the clay community in Oregon, and have a strong desire to help create more opportunities for artists to create and be successful making artwork. I have been an OPA member since 2017, and serving on the board as Vice president since 2019. I look forward to many years of service, visioning, and growing our clay community through volunteering with the OPA.


The Oregon Potters Association is "our" association as potters of Oregon. I'm passionate about my clay practice and clay's ability to organize diverse individuals. Joining the OPA was really a no brainer for me, it's a wonderful organization that has created a framework that allows Potters to organize with each other.

Professionally, I work in the talent acquisition sector. This line of work has shown me the power of a network and how critical the relationships we build and maintain can be. I thrive in ambiguous results oriented environments with the goal of delivering value to all stakeholders involved. This mentality and framework paired with my passion and interest for clay provided me with the tools and motivation to join the OPA and take on additional responsibility.

Wheel Thrown and altered functional ceramic wares is what I love to make. I'm captivated by the magic and alchemy that atmospheric kilns bring to the ceramics process.

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Page loves to play at the intersection of art and craft. After exploring many mediums in her life as an artist, she found clay in 2016. She enjoys the practice of pottery to improve quality of life and presence of mind.
Page joined the OPA in 2022 and is serving as Chair of the 2023 Ceramics Showcase.
Kristin Bannister has been working in clay since she was 15. She hand builds and throws, and loves to work with organic & natural shapes and forms. She's also spent the past 25 years working in brand marketing for global brands Levi's and Nike, and is excited to bring her business acumen to a world she loves, the world of clay.


Allison Chown took her first official ceramics class in the Fall of 2022 and was instantly hooked. She was exposed to OPA through the bowl fundraiser this past fall. Joining OPA was an easy choice since there are so many opportunities for learning from other potters through our organization. Allison has served as a treasurer for another non-profit organization, and runs her own business.


I'm thrilled to assume the position of Development Co-chair (Chair) and intend to leverage my expertise in teaching ceramics and organizing workshops to investigate the practicality of securing a brick-and-mortar location for the group. Drawing inspiration from classic Japanese styles, I aspire to instill my pottery with a distinct personal flair. My craft is an ongoing journey of discovery that embraces my Japanese American roots.


As a high school art educator and fellow OPA member, I want to support student learning in the ceramic arts by providing access and opportunity outside the PDX area. I support OPA not only as a ceramic artist but as an educator. OPA allows educators opportunities to connect students to artists and fellow clay lovers. I have been teaching for eight years and currently am The Art Department within the Amity school district. I teach 7th and 9th-12th Grade Visual Arts & Ceramics. I have served as an Art Conspiracy West Valley Board Member for two years and Amity Education Foundation member for two years. I am constantly looking for opportunities in building relationships with fellow art/ceramic educators in my county. I will be sharing the Clay in Education Director role with two other people, in this role I hope to expand and welcome the OPA into schools and rural communities outside of the Portland area. My ceramic work, either wheel thrown or handbuilt, combines the rural mountainous landscapes of the Pacific Northwest with the iconic silhouettes of the douglas fir.


My clay journey started as an act of rebellion - coming from a family of artists, I wanted a medium that was my own! I started ceramics in high school and fell in love, and then went on to get a Bachelor's in Fine Art, with an emphasis in ceramics, from Western Oregon University. After graduating I returned to Portland, my hometown, and started working at the YMCA after school programs, based at schools around the city. I found myself drawn to students needing more individual support, so I ended up going back to school to get my Master's in Art Therapy Counseling from Marylhurst University. During my career in therapy, I have focused on school based positions because I love being able to provide mental health support to students and families who have barriers to accessing these resources outside of school. My interest in being on the OPA board as the Co-Director of Clay-in-Education is a culmination of all of these interests - my love of ceramics, working with youth in a school environment, and being able to provide students experiences with clay that they might not get otherwise. I'm excited to bring my skills and connections to grow the Clay In Education program!

I have made crafts since before my teenage years alternately exploring textiles, metals and clay. As I matured the idea of community became very important to me and so I have pursued working with others to build community around arts experiences. Retiring in 2015 gave me time to commit to taking on a bigger role in OPA and I revel in the Membership Outreach position, getting to know folks and instigating ideas and activities that strengthen our community of clay artists. My hope is to help each member feel connected to the group and feel empowered to pursue their clay & community ideas.


I have been on the OPA Board and the Ceramic Showcase Steering Committee off and on for many years, and have held positions including OPA President, Newsletter Editor, Empty Bowls Chair, Showcase Publicity Chair. I am hoping to bring my past experience and history of OPA to the Board as we move forward into a very exciting future.

I have been a full time potter for 30 years. Over the years I have experimented with many clay techniques: for a time making humorous sculptures of animals; then using low-temperature clays to make plates featuring humorous cartoons; then becoming involved with high temperature wood fired ceramics. I now make functional pottery, both thrown and handbuilt, fired in a gas kiln. I love clay.


Roberta Lampert has worked with clay for more than 45 years. She was a founding member of OPA, helped organized the first Ceramic Showcase, and returned to the OPA board in 2020. As a board member at large, Roberta focuses on tasks where her abilities find their highest use—graphic needs, special program planning, monthly website feature, and semi-annual newsletter. Roberta lives and works outside of Portland, where her studio focus is mainly functional ceramics, both handbuilt and thrown. She fires a soda/salt and an electric kiln in her studio, and participates in wood firings in various kilns in the area.


After thirty-two years of teaching art, writing, and reading to middle school students, I retired and set about becoming an artist in my own right.  I began taking classes with Sara Swink at her studio, then after a few years I transitioned to Multnomah Art Center, which was much closer to my home.  Now I mostly work in my garage studio.  I have had the good fortune to be involved in a variety of group shows and sales in the Portland area.  My work is whimsical, but a darker message can be hiding behind that element.  When someone “gets” my work, my heart soars!


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