Awarded to an Oregon student who shows creative and technical excellence in the field of ceramics.

High School Scholarship Program Application

The competition is open to all high school juniors and seniors living in Oregon and SW Washington and will award $1000 to a student who shows creative and technical excellence in the field of ceramics. It offers the highest juried candidate a $1000 scholarship for their entry into post-secondary education. The scholarship is awarded during a ceremony at the OPA Ceramic Showcase each spring, the all-clay show that OPA sponsors every spring at the Oregon Convention Center. The scholarship funds will be held in trust and paid directly to the college entered by the student. We recommend that students with exceptional imagination and technical skill enter this competition.

Entries may be either utilitarian or decorative objects made of clay. Only one entry per student. Application deadline is in March of each year. 

Important dates to Remember:

  • Application Due 2023 dates TBD
  • Scholarship Awarded Date TBD

If you, the instructor, have questions, please contact:

OPA High School Scholarship Coordinator Meg Turner

Most commonly asked Questions ?

1. Do I have to submit the piece I juried with or may I submit something I finished after I sent in my application?

You must submit the exact piece that is juried.

2.   May I submit a piece that has been in the OPA Showcase before?

You may not submit a piece that has been previously submitted to the Scholarship  Program. However, you may submit a piece that has been on show in the High School Gallery.

3. What percentage of my piece has to be clay?

Each piece must be at least 75% clay.




Crescent Valley High School

The Singing Armadillo

"The ocarina was completely hand built out of stoneware clay. To make the tone holes I used drill bits to drill into the hollow body. Indentation and incisions with various objects were used to add texture to the clay. I painted underglazes onto the whole piece, and did not add a clear glaze layer. The piece was then atmospheric fired in a soda kiln to cone 10.

The abundance of possibilities with clay is extremely freeing, and means everyone can find an aspect that appeals to them. Ceramics has taught me about incorporating design with functionality, and how to express a message through art. The different processes within ceramics all have underlying lessons of patience and forethought. Wheel throwing, for example, has forced me to learn a new skill from the ground up. The dedication that comes with learning to throw can be applied to learning and improving upon any skill. Being able to work with clay has given me a creatively challenging outlet that makes me excited to go to school."

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