Members can participate and help support the many activities Clay in Education puts on for the community

The OPA  "Clay in Education" program was created to provide clay instruction by professional potters in the community, and has grown to include clay making activities at Art and Maker Fairs, and to provide support in the form of scholarships for high school students excelling at ceramics. 

Many of our members are experienced teachers and participate in our artist residency program where artists are available to teach in any public, private, parochial, school or non-profit community site. Residencies are allocated on a first come first served basis with a maximum of 40 hours per site equally funded by the school or community organization and OPA.  

Clay in Education provides clay making activities at Ceramic Showcase, OMSI  Mini Maker Faire, and Art in the Pearl.   This outreach into the community invites people of all ages to experience hands on the intimate responsive nature of clay, and the remarkable way head, hands and heart can work together in the creative process. 

OPA Clay in Education also supports  high school ceramics education and provides funding for two different scholarship programs, 1) The OPA Ceramic Showcase Scholarship and 2)  the National Scholastic Art Awards in both central Oregon and the Portland Metro Area.

Clay in Education receives funding for these programs and scholarships from members dues, by accepting donations, and also with an annual fundraiser held at Ceramic Showcase. Our members create a clay piece based on a theme which is displayed and sold to the public with 100% of the funds going to the Clay In Education program. 

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