Demonstrations Schedule

Friday, April 28

 11AM - Peter Meyer - The Teapot - a balance of harmony and function.

12:30 - Aubrey Sloan - Demonstrating Carving Styles with DiamondCore Tools on wheel thrown cups and bowls.

2:00 - Dave Winget - Playing around with Clay!  Demonstrating fun tricks and explaining concepts to give you a better understanding of the pottery wheel.

3:30 - Charles Piatt* Lids, knobs, and Handles: The Making of a Casserole.

Saturday, April 29

11AM- Jim Koudelka -The Vessel as a Canvas:  Surface and Decorating Techniques

12:30 - Roberta Lampert* Shape and Surface: Organic Coiled Forms.

2:00 - Dwayne Sackey - Throwing Faceted and Altered Tea Bowls.

3:30 - James DeRosso - Monsters: Go big and Go outside!

Sunday, April 30

11AM - Rhoda Fleischman* - Rolling, Rolling, Rolling….Slab built Mugs and Vases using a hand carved roller.

12:30 - Tea Duong - Pushing the Clay:  Throwing Large Pots

2:00 - Allan Kluber - Horizontally Layered Colored Clay:  A ceramic and geologic process working with colored clay slabs that are layered much like sedimentary rock.

*40 Year Member

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