Work for the Gallery will be accepted at the Holding Table ONLY during the times listed on the Participants’ Schedule.

If these times do not work for you, have someone else deliver your artwork. Late arrivals will not be displayed.

At 4pm on Sunday unsold work must be picked up. If you have a work shift at this time, arrange for someone else to pick up your work.

Gallery Registration Co-Chairs: Rebecca Arthur 503-871-7458  Susan Pachuta 541-829-0020 

Gallery Set-up Chair: Kelsey Rice 510-301-9712 

Gallery Display Chair: Natasha Irvine  503-438-8343 

Gallery-Only participants may submit 3 pieces; 1 for immediate display, eligible for Awards voting, and 2 that will be kept in the gallery backstock area and used to replace work that has sold. If all 3 sell, you will be contacted and can bring in 3 more pieces.

Booth-holders submit 1 piece in the Gallery at a time. When that piece sells, a Gallery Host will ask you for a replacement piece. If you can’t be found, Gallery personnel may select a piece from your booth and notify you by phone or note. If you don’t have another piece that you want to put in the Gallery, you do not have to replace your work.

Each piece delivered to Gallery Check-in needs to have:

  • A filled-out GALLERY submission form
  • A barcoded price tag
  • If your piece requires special display attention because of size, fragility, or any other reason, contact the Gallery Display Chair before the show.
  • If you need electricity for your piece contact the Gallery Set-up Chair before the show.

Wall pieces must weigh less than 25 pounds and be ready to hang on a nail or hook. The artist must provide all hanging devices. Large tile pieces should be framed so the tile edges will not get chipped.

Plates must come with a stand. For bowls, stands are optional but suggested. Mark your stands with your name and whether they go with the piece or are NFS.   

Very fragile pieces, especially those that have been glued together, must be accompanied by special instructions for handling and hanging. In this case, it would be preferable that you be present to assist. The display crew strives to take great care when handling the artwork; however, large and fragile pieces are challenging. Work that appears too difficult to handle might not be displayed, subject to the discretion of the Display Chair.

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