The Oregon Potters Association supports Black Lives. We as an organization are going to take time to examine where we are at and what we can do to take actions to show our support. This is going to take time for all of us to learn, educate and grow into as an organization spanning 400+ members. We are going to change structures that create barriers for all to participate in our organization. 

Current Changes that we are going to make are:

  • Creating inclusive language to our official documents such as the bylaws and OPA Manual.

  • Change how schools access our Clay in Education residencies so that there is no longer a financial burden for schools to take on by seeking grants to back the cost schools would normally provide.

  • Seek ways to elevate Black voices and experiences in our organization.

  • Committing to listening and learning as a continuous process.

We recognize that there is more than just this list for what changes we will need to make but we wanted to back our solidarity with actions.

Here are ways that you can join in on celebrating elevating and educating!


PDX Alliance for Selfcare



This page is work in progress and will have more tools, events and resources added to it in the future. Also if either of you have any tools to add to any of these categories please do!

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