Pre-Recorded Online Demonstration: How to Make a Copper Repoussé for Clay with Michael Simmons

  • Fri, December 31, 2021
  • 12:00 AM
  • Online, Link will be Emailed


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Participants will watch how Michael sets a preliminary contour line drawing onto a flat sheet of copper, how to tape down the picture and place a piece of foam under the copper to allow indentation or embossing lines by the drawing stylus instrument. Michael will then show participants how to permanently attach the finished copper repoussé to a circular object. Michael will also show and explain how to press a copper repoussé salmon onto a flat slab of clay.

You Will Learn:

  1. Showing how to produce an expressive permanent copper repoussé object of your choice and attach it permanently to a hard circular roll

  2. The experience of using new materials for participants to create a new and different way to manipulate clay

  3. This created copper repoussé device will make for less time to create many new images, both single use, multiple use, and use it compositionally

Materials Needed:

  • One rolled out slab of clay

  • One or two Copper tooling sheets 12” wide by 9” inches, 30 or 36 gauge thickness. Check local art stores for copper tooling sheets, or order # 0401500(A)A191 at $31.45 each through NASCO Education catalog, 1 800 558 9595

  • 1 wooden board to go under the copper tooling sheet.

  • One sheet of felt to go between the Copper tooling sheet and the wooden board, to be able to indent and make the copper tooling sheet take the indentation of the stylus tool to create the grooved lines.

  • Stylus tools: 1 chinese chopstick, barely sharpened and rounded end, 1 quarter inch wooden dowel, barely sharpened with a rounded end, and 1 thicker primary pencil with rounded end – these will be used to press into the taped paper drawing and Copper tooling sheet underneath

  • Tube of "Liquid Nails" smaller tube (or) caulking tube of "Liquid Nails" and one inch putty knife to spread it around

  • Thick, round, 10" inch to 12" diameter cardboard hollow tube that you can get at Home Depot, and saw/cut off a 10" to 12" length for this project

  • 1"inch wide blue painter's masking tape or 1" inch wide regular masking tape

  • Create a sketch of one of your favorite icons, symbols, animal head, or body, fluer de le, flower, or one of your existing designs that you have created in the past for your pottery making. Reduce your contour line drawing to just a few important lines, bare bones sketch. Keep your drawing to about 10” inches by eight” inches so the pressed repose’ design stays up to two inches away from the 12” inch outside edges of the Copper plate

  • Optional: Have a Slab of clay already rolled out that is a little wider than your 10” inch X 8” inch drawing on paper, and place a plastic sheet over the slab of clay till Michael demonstrates how to roll the thick round cardboard hollow roll over his copper tooling repoussé 

    You may experiment with your stylus and Copper tooling sheet before my class starts if you can get the supplies ready beforehand.


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