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  • Mon, January 21, 2019 8:28 AM | Anonymous

    I have about 8 boxes of white earthenware clay, that were 50 pounds each. The clay has dried out and needs to be re-wet with water to be used. This is Archie Bray clay from Helena, MT and costs $21 per box new. I moved here with it years ago and never bought a kiln! Moving again now, so I need to sell it and am asking $60 for all 8 boxes. 

    Contact: Thalia Pellicori

  • Thu, October 25, 2018 12:09 PM | Anonymous

    50# Bags:​​​​​

    EPK: 1 full bag, 1 bag about ¾ full

    Silica 200:1 full bag, 1 bag about ¾ full

    Talc: about ¾ bag

    Alumina Hydrate: about ½ bag

    Ball Clay: about ¾ bag


    10# more or less:

    Red Art: full bag

    Alberta Slip: full bag

    Bentonite: close to full bag

    Borax: close to full bag

    5# more or less:

    Bone Ash: approx. 5#

    Dolomite: approx. 5#



    1 Giffin Grip new

    1 Box Thermal Ceramics Fire Brick (12)

    1 Ohaus gram scale 700-800 model w/extra 

           1 kg weight

    1 Talisman glaze sieve, used once


    Raku Glaze:

    1 Box of 15 Georgie’s assorted, 

             approx. 1/2 Cup jars

    c. 1 pint Georgie’s Cascade: PG 810, 

    ​Piepenburg Red-Bronze



    Small cones (all partial boxes):



    05 (2 boxes)




    Large cones:

    020, unopened package of 10

    1, unopened box

    9, opened box, but is close to full

    10, opened box, but is close to full

    Please call Tish 541-582-2242 (leave a message)

  • Mon, August 20, 2018 3:05 PM | Anonymous

    This kickwheel was handcrafted for me in Australia by R.T. Slayter, a mechanical engineer. 

    The design is based on the treadle kickwheel designed by Bernard Leach, only built lower

    to the ground so as to be more comfortable and to fit into a home studio. It proved to be very

     popular among Sydney potters. I purchased 3 for my studio pottery, and later brought this 

    one with me to the US.  $1,200.00

    Contact: Anna Johnson   503 288-3758       aj@mercedlake.com

  • Tue, May 22, 2018 8:49 PM | Anonymous

    I have a hydraulic clay extruder for sale. I am not going to work with clay anymore so I need to sell this asap. It is a great, powerful, fast extruder! I have loved using this extruder for making coils for my production clay work. It is a custom made extruder and has 4 different die shapes. It is a work horse, tall and heavy. It is on wheels so it is easy to move around and has about a 3'x3' footprint. consider buying it before the end of May. I do not want to have to borrow a truck to move it, it is currently in my storage unit which I will vacate at the end of May. Please email with any questions about the extruder. Contact Sandra now.

    I also have a few clay books (science for the potter), glaze recipes cone 10 mostly and forms for building objects with clay if interested.

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