Ceramic Showcase FAQ

Who can participate in Ceramic Showcase?

Any current member of the Oregon Potters Association. Priority and first pick on booth spaces is given via a points system. Points are earned through serving different leadership roles in OPA and Showcase. All OPA members earn 1 points for every year they are a member and another point for every year they participate in Showcase. All OPA members are welcome to show in the gallery. 

Who can be an OPA member?

. Membership in OPA is open to all serious professional and non-professional potters residing in Oregon and in the counties of Pacific, Lewis, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat in Southwest Washington. Not a member?

When can I register?

Registration opens Dec 15th and closes Jan 31st. 

How much does it cost to participate?

There is a $50 Registration fee in addition to booth fees and commission. There is no charge for OPA members to participate in the Gallery only. 

How much are the booth fees?

Booth fees are based on size and location. Participants pay both a flat booth fee and a commission on all work sold. Individual booths pay a graduated commission rate. 

Booth Type Cost
Group $100
Emerging $150
1/2 Booth 5x10 $225
1/2 Corner Booth 5x10 $250
Full 10x10 $400
3/4 Booth 5x15 $400
Full Corner Booth 10x10 $450
3/4 End-Cap Booth 5x15
What is included with a booth?

All booths come with pipe and black drape installated as well as power outlets. 

How do I get paid?

After Showcase, partipants sales are totaled and  issued payment minus their commission. Most payments are issued via electronic direct deposit to the participant's bank account.

What are the other requirements for participation?

Ceramic Showcase is a volunteer run event. There are different work requirements based on the booth types. Most participants do both committee work which happens before Showcase. Committee work can range from posting flyers to security. Committee job description found here. All participants also have workshifts during Showcase in addition to committee work. Workshifts are for cashiering, wrapping and other essential areas. 

Who will be in my booth if I have workshifts?

Ceramic Showcase is unique because we have a central sales area. Customers are able to shop all the booths and then pay at the end. No sales are taken at booths.  Most artists leave their booth empty during their workshifts but some folks ask friends or family to be in their booth while they are gone. 

I don’t have enough work to fill a whole booth. Can I still participate?

Yes! Showcase has a gallery that all OPA members can show in. You can show up to 3 pieces in the gallery. Group booth is another option - participants get a shelf unit and shared pedestal and grid wall on furniture provided by Ceramic Showcase. Some participants also choose to share a booth. I have never shown my work before. Is this show right for me?

Potentially. Most artists at Showcase have been working in ceramics for years. The quality of work is very high. The emerging artist booth is for new artists who have never shown at Showcase and are new to ceramics. There is a separate application for the emerging artist booth. 

I would like to help out with Showcase but not show art. What are my options?

We have volunteer and sponsorship opportunities available. Contact showcasechair@oregonpotters.org for more information. 

I still have questions!

No problem! - Email the registrar or showcase chair. We also have a Showcase Q&A on Jan 10th where you can ask questions before you register.

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