Tags and Barcodes



All members must use the barcoded tags provided by OPA. They are pre-printed with a barcode and your name. You must clearly write the price in black ink.

NEW: Pricing: Minimum price of $10

Whole dollar amounts only. Prices may not be changed once the show has started. If there are two tags on your piece, the lower price will be charged. If you have items that you usually sell for less than $10, package them together to meet the minimum

Pricing/Labeling Sets: Label sets with only one item of the set bearing a barcoded tag with a price & Set of # (the number of pieces in the set). All other pieces in the set should have a tag with just the number of pieces in the set and either your name or a barcode and Set of #.

If you have not received your stickers or need to order more, email jam@jampdx.com

Additional stickers can be printed at Showcase, as needed. Order from reconciliation office. You must pay through OPA website first. 

  • Do I have to use barcodes?

Yes! Your work will not go through the new checkout process without a barcode sticker. Your work MUST have the Showcase provided barcode sticker with price on it to be sold. 

  • Why are we using barcodes?
In the past we used tons of volunteer hours to hand enter everyone’s sales information. It was time consuming and had lots of opportunities for errors. Barcodes will be less time consuming and less prone to errors. 
  • Will the barcode stickers from Ceramic NW Winter Popup still work? 

NO! Unfortunately, we have had to change the SKU system, so the Pop-up barcodes are no longer functional. You must use the new stickers provided. Please remove any other barcode stickers on your work. 

  • How big are the stickers?  
They are 1” by 1” square. 
  • Do they just have a barcode? 
No, they will also have your name or business name and a place for you to write in your price.
  • Will they have a price printed on them? 
 No, you can write any price you’d like! Whole dollar amounts only, please. Only write numbers, no symbols like $. All prices must be $5 and up. 
  • Are the stickers sticky enough to stay on my work? 
These stickers are stickier than the average! We find that they even stick to most unglazed surfaces. People even found that they could be re-positioned on their pots without losing their stick.
  • Can I leave my old price stickers on my pot?
  • Please try not to. You could stick the new barcode sticker right over the top of the old sticker, as we expect these are bigger than what you’ve been using.
  • What if my piece is too small for a 1” sticker? 
Get creative! Put the sticker on a card and attach it with a string, maybe. Just be sure not to fold the sticker, as the barcode needs to be scannable.
  • Will my name fit on the tag? 
Yes! The software shrinks the name to fit, so even if your name is long, it will still print on the tag.
  • How many stickers will I get?

Each regular booth artist is allotted 250 stickers. Group booth, college booth, emerging artists and studio partner participants will receive 50 stickers. Gallery only participants will automatically receive five (5) stickers but will not be charged extra for a few more. Additional stickers are available to purchase - $1 for 50 stickers. 

  • How do I get my stickers?
We will be distributing stickers in person at the booth picking meeting and mailing them to participants who cannot attend that meeting. 
  • What if I need more stickers after the show has started? 
We will have a station set up at Showcase to print emergency stickers for one hour before the start of the show each day. If you discover you need more outside of those hours, please check with Meghan Radick to ask about a potential appointment.

Can these be used next year? Yes! You can use these every year at Showcase and other OPA sales. 

  • How do I order more stickers?  

Click above on Extra Barcode Sticker Tags for Showcase 2023 to add to cart. Follow instructions to pay. Then email Tags a copy of your receipt. 

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