Chair: Jennifer Hill 214-399-6684 

The final work shift schedule will be posted during set-up.  

Check the Work Shift Schedule in the packet to find your work shift assignments. 

  • Booth and Group Booth Participants - 3 shifts.
  • Gallery-Only Participants - 2 shifts.
  • Emerging Artist Booth Participants 2 shifts.
  • Wait-Listed Participants - If a booth has not yet become available and you chose on your application to still participate as “gallery-only” -2 shifts.  (If a booth becomes available, you will be contacted by the Building Chair and the Work Shift Chair will assign a 3rd work shift to you.)

If you are unable to work the shifts listed, or if you switch shifts with another member, contact Jennifer Hill  ASAP so that the final schedule can be kept accurate.

If you want to volunteer for extra shifts, contact Jennifer.  Members who complete 3 extra work shifts are eligible for 1 extra point.

Sign in at the Information Booth 15 minutes prior to your shift and start on time as the previous shift cannot leave until you relieve them.  


An extra 5% commission will be assessed for EACH missed work shift.

Gallery-Only participants who miss their work shifts may be ineligible for Ceramic Showcase next year.

In cases of emergencies, penalties will be at the discretion of the Ceramic Showcase Steering Committee.

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